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Airport & Cruise Valet Parking

Park while you fly with Safeway Valet Parking KZN.

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Park while you fly with Safeway Valet Parking KZN.

Safeway Valet Parking KZN assures their clients that their vehicles are parked on a fully secured and under cover premises.

Airport Parking

Safeway Valet Parking KZN assures their clients that their vehicles are parked on a fully secured and under cover premises.

Many companies out there guarantees clients that a lot of security measures are taken for your vehicle whilst you are away BUT the BIG QUESTION is: How sure are you that you are getting what you are PROMISED?

That’s why at Safeway Valet Parking KZN we offer you a chance to come over and view our Premises just to give you peace of mind and assurance!

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Cruise Parking

Remember it’s your prized possession that you are handing over so in all fairness you would like your vehicle to be well-taken care off and that’s what we strive our BEST TO DO!!!

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Harbour Parking

Safeway Valet KZN would like to introduce Cruise bookings.

Our driver will meet you at the Durban port collect your vehicle from there and thereafter take it to Our Premises and upon return your vehicle will be delivered to you at the Durban Port N-Shed drop off zone. (Same area your vehicle was collected.)

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Total Peace of Mind




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Our Rates

(Charged on a daily basis.)

• Please note that prices include VAT

DAY 1 – R85
DAY 2 – R140
DAY 3 – R170
DAY 4 – R250
DAY 5 – R310
DAY 6 – R350
DAY 7 – R390
DAY 8 – R410
DAY 9 – R450
DAY 10 – R490
DAY 11 – R520
DAY 12 – R555
DAY 13 – R580
DAY 14 – R600
DAY 15 – R650
Contact us for more days

Interior + Polish – R600.00
Interior only R450.00
Polish – R150.00
Leather treatment – R150.00

Long term parking : R750.00 per month

Vehicle storage – please contact the office for more info

Cruise parking

Monday to Friday – R600.00
Friday to Monday – R480.00
Friday to Sunday – R360.00

All prices are vat inclusive.

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In this agreement the following expressions shall bear the following reference.
“The Company”: refers to Safeway Valet Parking KZN.
“The Customer”: refers to any individual person, a firm, partnership, corporation, company trust, voluntary association or club.

“The Vehicle”: refers to the vehicle which is received into storage and shall include any mechanical device on wheels, its equipment and/or accessories.

All and any business accepted by the Company and its employees is subject to conditions hereinafter set out and each and every condition hereinafter set out shall be deemed to be a condition of any agreement between the Company and the Customer.

1. The Customer acknowledges that the Company and its employees shall have the right to drive the Vehicle on public roads to and from its place of storage.

2. The Customer warrants the Vehicle is fully insured, licensed and roadworthy and indemnifies the Company and its employees against any fines levied due to the condition of the vehicle or any loss or consequential loss occasioned as a result of the vehicle’s condition.

3. The Company and its employees shall not be held liable to any Customer including without elimination the owner of the Vehicle for any loss of contents howsoever arising in respect of any negligent act or omission by the Company.

4. The Company shall not be held liable for any loss, theft or damage to any loose items left in the Vehicle whilst in the possession of the Company.

5. The Company shall not be held liable for any loss or damage whatsoever caused by natural disasters such as floods, hail, wind storms, electric storms and such like.

6. The Customer acknowledges that each Vehicle taken into storage is subject to all charges due or accruing to the Company and the Company reserves the right to refuse to release the Vehicle until such charges are fully paid.

7. No special consideration granted by the Company to the Customer shall constitute a waiver of any of the Company’s rights.

8. The Customer acknowledges that he/she accepts these terms and conditions by handing the keys of the Vehicle to the Company.